Hi, I’m Diana Demco

Welcome to Liminal Lines.

The name is inspired by my fascination with the in-between spaces, transitions and intersections - the pauses in a conversation, the unused space in a work of art, the shift in a Yoga pose.

Expect observations on life, personal stories and maybe the occasional poem.

My aim is to make you see differently, feel deeper and act with more intention.

The topics I cover will range from self-exploration, embodied living, creativity, art, and reconciling dualities, among others.

A few random things about me

  1. I'm an ailurophile (look it up)

  2. Something I wish I had invented: the spork

  3. Something I can't live without: kimchi (only half-kidding)

  4. If I could have lunch with anyone, it would be Ralph Waldo Emerson

  5. My favorite word in English: luxuriate

  6. Guilty pleasure: watching Seinfeld for the countless time

I live in the Czech Republic with my boyfriend, where you can find me exploring hiking trails, getting lost in timeless books or cooking a delicious meal.

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Writing at the intersection of mind & body, being & doing, old & new, concrete & ineffable, simple & complex.